Thing #19

Beyond Facebook: Other Social Networks

1. Twitter and Facebook may grab the headlines in social networking, but there are many other social networks. Social networks are online communities created around interests with people-to-people recommendations and communication. These specialized social networks allow like-minded users to find and interact with one another, but it is important for educators to use these networks cautiously. In this Thing, we'll take a look at some of these networks and the best ways for using them.

Discovery Resources:

The Teachers' Guide to Social Media

My Five Best Social Networking Tips

Three Social Networks Teachers Should Try Out

Pinterest for Teachers

Discovery Exercise:

2. Find another social network that might interest you. Explore the ones mentioned already or one of these suggestions:

3. Write a blog post discussing the following:

  • What did you discover about the best uses of social networking for educators?
  • Are you a member of any online communities besides Facebook and Twitter?
  • Are any of these social networks appealing to you?
  • What did you find that was interesting and that you might use later?