Thing #20

YouTube and Beyond

In recent years, online video hosting sites have exploded allowing users to easily to upload and share videos on the web. Among all the video tools and applications in this area, YouTube is currently top dog, coming in at #3 on the list of most visited sites in the US and allowing users not only to upload their own video content easily but also easily embed clips into their own sites.

Did you know there are over 2,000 Youtube channels pertaining to science and education? TeacherTube is a hosting site for educational videos. Do some searching around YouTube and TeacherTube and see what these channels have to offer for educators. Of course, like any free sites you’ll also find some stuff not worth watching too. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore and see for yourself what the sites have too offer. :)

Discovery Exercise:
  1. Explore YouTube and find a video worth adding as an entry in your blog.
  2. Follow these instructions for adding your video to your blog.
  3. Try out one of the other video tools and applications available online. 
  4. Create a blog post about your experience. What did you like or dislike about Youtube and why did you choose the video that you did? Can you see any features or components of the site that might be interesting if they were applied to your classroom website?
  5. Link to the new tool you visited and discuss its possible uses in the classroom.

Here's a video from YouTube that I embedded. It's called What Do Teachers Make by Taylor Mali - I think you'll appreciate the message (warning: strong language).