Thing #3

Register Your Blog

We hope you are enjoying the adventure so far and are having fun. Remember to share with your classmates whenever you have any knowledge or experience that may help them out if they get stuck or vice versa!

If you’ve made it this far, you already have two items or “things” completed of the 23 that are required to earn credit for this course requirement.

Now that your blog is created, you MUST register it with your instructor by completing this online registration.

Until you register your blog, you aren't officially doing the assignment and won't receive credit. Your instructor must receive your information for your evaluation to be added to the grade book. Several days after you register, your name will appear on the 23 Things blog list under your class section number. (This has to be done manually, so don't panic when it doesn't appear immediately after you register. Just go ahead with your work on the Things. If you still don't see it after one week, please e-mail and let us know.)

Other things to remember:
  • This section of the course will be entirely online.
  • You have the entire semester to complete the 23 Things. The first 12 things should be completed by the midterm project check date, and the last 11 + 1 things should be completed by the final project turn in date at the end of the semester.
  • You must make at least one substantive post on each "Thing" in order to receive credit. "Substantive" means that we will be looking for the answers to the questions posed in the activity in your posts.
  • Clearly identify the "thing #" in the title of each post.
  • There should be a separate blog posting for each "thing." Please do not combine "things."

Discovery Exercise:

1. If you haven't done it already, register your blog right away. You will then be officially registered and eligible to receive credit upon completion of all 23 Things!

2. For your Thing #3 post, write about ways that you might use a blog in your teacher education program or your future classroom. For some ideas, click on over to the Best Teacher Blogs of 2012.

It’s really that easy and just think, now there are only 20 more things to go. :)