Thing #22

Keepin' it Together: Livebinders

Did you ever wish you had a way to easily store, organize, and share your online resources? LiveBinders may be just the tool you need. Livebinders allows you to store websites, pdfs, word documents, and images in a convenient digital binder that is stored online. Best of all, you can share these web-binders, with anyone you like, and you can search for other public binders that have already been created.
Watch this short video about using LiveBinders -

Discovery Resources:
Here are some resources to help you explore how others are using LiveBinders:
Discovery Exercise:
  1. Set up your own LiveBinders account.
  2. Create three education-related binders in your account. 
  3. Find several resources to place in each of your binders.
  4. Create a blog post that tells:
  • What are the titles of your binders? 
  • Embed one of your binders in your post. Click on the Options button under the binder you have selected to share, and then click on Embed. Copy the code and paste it into your blog post.
  • Discuss how you might use LiveBinders in the classroom, including possible lesson ideas for students.